WHo I Am

Being the son of Vietnamese war refugees trying to make a living in Germany, I grew up in a little village outside of Munich (Ebersberg for the curious readers among you). My father worked as a garbage collector while my mom was cleaning nursing homes. Even though their jobs were hard, I can not remember one day where they were not smiling trying to ensure that I get the best life possible. I really owe them. They taught me to always be polite, be humble, and constantly work and of course study hard. But the most important lesson was, that I can reach anything I want to if I follow those principles. With this in the back of my head, I grew up going to a school which is in my opinion a Bavarian version of Hogwarts (Gymnasium Gars am Inn – google it, it’s worth it) and learned a different philosophy of living through my friends and the environment. However, one question always arose :
Am I German or Vietnamese?
The Answer: I am Me!
While yes I do not like rice and I usually prefer something like “Spätzle” over it,
I have come to embrace both sides with open arms because I am in a privileged position
to learn the best out of these two worlds.
I will always be polite, but I won’t be afraid to speak up if I do not agree with something. 
I will always be humble, but I will celebrate every small win. 
I will always work hard, but I will also say stop if I can’t go further.
I will also study hard because learning new things is what keeps me going every day.

I am Kevin Vu Pham 

Being always curious

This is my strongest asset! Being curious got me into photography. Being curious about how to portray people differently got me into graphic design. Discovering the component movement, I learned videography. Trying to understand how everything works together got me into programming. My curiosity will always push me forward to expand my horizon and to experience different adventures.

Having a good time

As a very harmony-driven person, I want to ensure that everyone is having a good time around me. Not only on a personal level but also on a professional. Yes, I am the guy, whom you will have a good laugh with. However, I will also ensure that quality is equally important as having a great atmosphere.

Kevin Vu Pham

Graphic Designer / Photographer / Videographer


2014 to Present


Throughout my years of studies, I provide service in freelance portrait photography, videography, and graphic design.
Though they vary in scale, they served me well in learning different aspects of my craft and
elevating me as a young professional

2017 - 2018

Graphic Designer Dept LinkedIn
AIESEC International

Design and conception of infographics and
visuals for the platform LinkedIn.
Research and writing of case studies.

2016 - 2017

Social Media Manager
AIESEC Germany

Rebranding national social media identity.
Consulting 35 universities regarding their
social media presence and marketing.
Teamleader of the “Content Crew”
– a collective of graphic designers and writers.
Developing 3 unique social media campaigns
for AIESECs main services

2015 - 2016

Content Marketing Manager
AIESEC in Munich

Design and conception of print and digital content.
Standardization of marketing processes and
execution within the Organisation.
Management and execution of recruiting events


2015 to Present

B.Sc Media Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction LMU


A Level Gymnasium am Gars


Illustrator 85%
Photoshop 80%
Xd 63%
Premiere Pro 77%
After Effects 67%
Indesign 61%
Html5 & CSS 79%
Java 82%
Also Proficient with:

Spark AR
Cinema 4D
Microsoft Office