Working with TwoStay is a young startup focusing on reusing closed restaurants and coffee shops as a coworking space. In 2020 I was given the opportunity to shoot promotional videos for them in which they can present themself and promote their workplaces. Next to the videos themselves which were later used for lead generation on […]

Linklaters LLP

Working with With their new building in Frankfurt am Main I was tasked with creating an editorial for the building to showcase it to their lawyers. Inspired by the building I wanted to embrace geometric shapes and minimalism with this editorial.


Working with Martin Borgmeier is the winner of the German television series “The Mole” which aired in 2020. He is also a professional long driver. He tasked me before his appearance on public television with a personal logo design and a design for his gold club glove. Furthermore, I filmed a promotional video about his […]


Working with VHK is an organisation focusing on connecting students with major companies in the region in the Automotive and IT sectors. However, since they were struggling with appealing visuals in the sector of video and print I was tasked with filming event recaps which were later used a promotion material and a poster design […]


Working with After working a year on a local level in Munich in 2016 I got promoted into the National Team of the organization as a Social Media Manager. It soon became very evident to me that the content which was produced by my predecessors was not performing as well as they could and that […]